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Persisting Typed Objects with DataStore

In a previous post we have explored how to use Preferences DataStore to migrate our SharedPreferences. And in this post we will focus on Proto DataStore. 🤔 What makes Proto DataStore different? While both Preferences and Proto DataStore allow saving data, they do this in different ways. One important feature is applied only wh... Read more

DataStore is the new SharedPreferences

You’ve definitely used SharedPreferences to store small or simple data sets. But SharedPreferences’ API has a series of downsides and luckily the Jetpack DataStore library aims at addressing those issues. So if you’re currently using SharedPreferences, consider migrating to DataStore instead. And good news, it’s now in Beta 🎉 ... Read more

New to Android? Start here

New to Android? That’s great! You’ll need to know a little bit of Kotlin and Android. The beauty of computer programming is that you do not need to formally go to school to learn how to program. You can learn almost everything that you would need to know online, and for free. The following resources are some that I have person... Read more